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Friday, February 9, 2007

One Month Anniversary

It has been a month since Shubhra and Deepa started this blog... We would like to recapture some of our favorite moments thus far:

10. Thank you to our friends..., and strangers for posting and stating stories on pathetic happenings in all your lives. It was a pleasure to read and we hope you'll continue to share other pathetic and insignificant moments! :o)

9. Recipes of pukable alcoholic drinks.

8. Recapping on favorite shows and movies such as:
-Uber Violent Apocalypto
-Awesome Heroes
-"I'm almost about to pee in my pants, but will wait till the commercial" because of LOST.

7. Shubhra getting drunk... Well, not really... But coming up with various scenarios on how Shubhra would act if she was drunk was entertaining in itself.

6. Us getting introduced to DerrickWorld...

5. Some of our bloggers have been very philosophical... discussing topics such as Buddhism, Cricket and Yoga - three of them put us to sleep. ;)

4. Deepa got introduced to WoW. Which is awesome.

3. Deepa managed to make an ass of herself on the radio, which was also 'ultra' cool!

2. Grandma reiterating the fact that most politicians are in fact chutiyas, and disagreeing to that would create havoc.!

1. Shubhra being very ambitious on her chewing resolution..., which is still intact and going by the way, in case all you curious readers are wondering.

Thank you for making it a wonderful month... :-D


durkhaima said...

I love the fireworks pic

hadu said...

pukable ?????
try first and then comment !!
which by the way is something you said you wanted to try.. i will always bring it up until you do try it...

but that too the 9th spot??? the drinks are NOT that BAD !!!

damn, you in soo muchh troublee noww.. !!

ok, heres the deal, i will forgive all the broken nights and male hooker stipends you OWE me if you try ScoKain once !!!

but seriously...the Grandma and Politics needs to be the 1st or wait..lets get a 'bit' geeky here... by placing it at '0' .. ;)

for all the GEEKS, i hope you noticed the pun in 'bit'... :)