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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The OUTSMARTEDNESS of Google !!!!

So today is V Day. or Me Day or U Day or whatever you call it.. !!!
google OUTSMARTED us all on this day !!!
Take a look at their logo :

its an awesomely YUMMY looking Strawberry dipped in Chocolate !!
but what are u missing? Even I missed on this.. Google managed to kind of remove the one letter that has its day today... yes the _ove word.. now look again !!

that is RIGHT my friends, the GOOGLE logo looks like it is missing a L from its spelling..?? huh?? why?

well there are quite a few theories floating around !! Here are the three most interesting ones I found on the internet..
yes yes I will cite the source so don't go all 100W and Debra on me, OKAY??
SJSU CS people lets just ignore others for that last joke ;)

aNyHUU !!!
number III !@##@!@!#

There is (or was) a Bassist by the name of Debbie Googe who played for an British/Irish band. Okay SO WHAT???

well, so this... the band's name was "My Bloody Valentine" !!! CO-INCIDENCE???

moViNg oN !!!
number II !@@!

This was an English Poet by the name of Barnabe Googe in the 16th Century. Again I know this is freaking crazy !!!!
One of his famous quotes were "I did but see her passing by, and yet I love her till I die." I know this is a long shot but it DOES relate with V Day !!!!

and nOw !!! the REAL REASON !!!
the real OFFICIAL reason from GOOGLE !!!
it is not left out or gone from GOOG'L'E but they have tried to OUTSMART all of us !!

look at the logo carefully !!!
you see the strawberry? the choclaty one?? yes yes I know it is very tempting...
but take a look at the stem of that STRAWBERRY !!! there is a green stem that looks sOrT of like an 'L'.

what is Google trying to SAY here??
We already know they are smart
and they are already making enough money for that....

I bet the STANFORD people are smiling... haha... we got it in the first shot... we are with GOOGLE on this one !!! :p

got all the info from here:
and not to mention that the google logo is from !!![:p]


I am the Walrus said...

whoa... and the swirl of chocolate at the bottom of the strawberry looks like a g...

I am the Walrus said...

and there's a puny cutie heart in the strawberry... sorry, am analyzing it way too much... LOST starts in 4 mins!

durkhaima said...

WOW...what an EXCITING V-day .. j/k hadu that was a cool excerpt. I think the whole day is kinda overrated in terms of buying stuff and Shiv Sena . It's funny I was thinking of bringing chocolate dipped strawberry at work for my co-workers.. but then it dawned on me ... that would imply emotional feelings for workplace which I am lacking.

durkhaima said...

I realized my reference to Shiv Sena was outdated... here's something recent equally ridiculous

Chebu said...

Hehe, I read an article in Spartan Daily about V-day, or, how they call it, SAD (Singles Awareness Day), and I just wanted to say to all the single people who read this: I know how you feel. It wasn't fun for me to feel left out from the whole world on this day for five years either. And by the way, I think Google messed up, that little green thingy doesn't look like an L.