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Monday, February 5, 2007


While I was doing the dishes this evening, my grandma was standing around appreciating my work and saying, "Beta (child), it is so great that you help your mother once in a while". During my washing and her standing, the topic of politics came up... The conversation went something like so:

My Sweet Grandma: You know beta , our President of India is very intelligent.
Me: Abdul Kalam? Yes, I heard great things about him. You know, Dad actually met him when he was working in Hyderabad and...
My Grandma (interrupting me): Prime Minister on the other hand, complete chutiya! (aka. f**ker)
Me: What Grandma? (Trying to hold my laughter and shocked that my grandma actually knew that word)
Grandma: It is true.

My loving, OCD Mom was passing by, checking in to see if I was cleaning the dishes exactly how she wants me to and loading them in the dishwasher exactly how she wants me to and says, "What are you guys talking about?"

Me: Mom, Grandma has something to say about the the Prime Minister of India.
Grandma: Complete Chutiya.
Mom: WHAT?
Me: Yea mom, he's a chutiya...
Mom (shocked) says to my Grandma: Do you even know what that means?
Grandma (meekly, now walking towards the TV): Huh? What?
Mom: What you just said...
Grandma (started to watch a TV Drama on Sony I think): No... Huh? What did I say?
Me: Grandma, it means...
Mom (interrupting): Deepa!
Grandma: What did I say?
Me: You called the Prime Minister a Chutiya... (trying REALLY hard to hold my laughter)
Mom (angry): Deepa!
Me: What? She said it... (now laughing my head off).
Grandma (still watching the TV): WHAT DID I SAY?
Me: Alright, this was unusually amusing. But grandma, can you let go of the TV? Heroes is on in about 4.2 mins.

Aah... You got to love politics, and family viewpoints on politics... By the way, Heroes was awesome as usual tonight. And can't wait for Lost to begin on Wednesday!


durkhaima said...

UNCONTROLLABLE laughter ... UN...LOL ... CONTROLLABLE...LOL.. laughter

Chebu said...

Love it! The funniest post by far.

Chirag said...

hahah trying to hold my uncontrolable laughter during lecture (which is when i read this post) I actually had to excuse myself from class to laugh my ass off...thats really funny....and to add...UR GRANDMA AND MINE HAVE A LOT IN COMMON! lolz

durkhaima said...

you know what Grandmas talk smack all the time..

I am the Walrus said...

My grandma deserves her own talk show...

May said...

lol...grandparents sure can surprise you sometime, especially when you least expect it. thanks for making my day. :-)

hardik said...

this post is unbeatable..

I give up on blogging !!!!

thats it !!
am done here :p