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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Ode to Disgust !!!

its getting so dry around here that it reminds me of my home town back in India !!


why else?

i lived in a DRY State !!!
yes I am from Gujarat.. specifically Ahmedabad !

anyways.. this is an Ode to Disgust.
the disgust that I am feeling towards alcohol these days.. and towards some people.. ok ok i will keep my rants to myself..

the disgust to alcohol is because I have crossed the limit from occasional drinking.. to occasional TOO MUCH drinking... ;)

and this started with last weekend, when i tried to make another Champion of a drink .. that could compete with SCOKAIN !!!

but like the Chicago Bears, it was nothing spectacular... it was even worse than the Bears.. atleast the Bears showed courage and competition in the first half... but this one was disaster from the start..

it was so disgusting that it didn't make sense to give it a name..

or more like I couldn't come up with one... but anyways here is the golden recipe of disgust !!
one shot of whisky, one of vodka and .... !!!! WAIT FOR ITT !!!!!

it takes TWO shots of RUM to complete the disgust...

yes our very own Mr. Chebu witnessed the crucifiction of my alcoholism LIVE !!!

so now i have decided to give Ode to my home town for a while and take up the DRY DAY strategy for a few days... lets see how long can I survive the THRIST ??

so heres to DRY DAYS !!!
CHEERS !!!! :)


Chebu said...

I've got 50 bucks that says that Hadu won't last 2 f#$%king weeks without having another one of his crazy drinks. Who wants to bet? I don't accept bets from Hardik, and I only take cash.

hadu said...

thats it Chebu...
challenge me and you will get surprised..

even if it is 2 weeks...that is a big achievement ;)

besides, am done with trying new drinks... i think i will stick to teh scokain for a while now...

no no....
i mean after the DRY season is over.. ;)

durkhaima said...

I bet 100 bucks, he won't last 1 week and 6 days

hadu said...

if i do last that long,,, all this money will go to the HADU's ALCOHOLIC FUND !!!