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Friday, February 29, 2008

Ultimate Sadness

So I read this story on engadget, one of my fav. blogs. Without further delay, here's the story:
There's certainly been no shortage of sad stories involving Xboxes, but when it comes to attempts to get the console repaired, this latest tale from a gamer known only as Nathaniel might have to take the cake. As you can see above, his console (one of the first to hit the market) boasted a good deal of personalization, including signatures from folks at Bungie and the Xbox 360 team, and a spiffy illustration by Rooster Teeth Comics artist Luke McKay. As with many other Xbox users, however, Nathaniel's console eventually packed it in, and he was forced to send it to Microsoft for repairs. Needless to say, that's when things took a turn for the worse. Despite calling ahead of time and getting assurances that his prized console would be sent back intact, and including a letter reiterating how much the console meant to him, Microsoft apparently took it upon themselves to clean it as best they could before returning it, leaving only a few faint smudges of permanent marker to ensure that it was, in fact, the same Xbox. There's no word as to what Nathaniel plans to do next (other than weep), but given that Microsoft gave the royal treatment to someone that did nothing more than get a Zune tattoo, you'd think they could at least give the guy a few free points or something.
Now how awfully sad it is that after all the efforts made by Nathan, Microsoft employees still did not see any sentimental value to this, erasing it all. I'd like you to think not in terms of XboX but perhaps consider your favorite sport or tv show or something. Now consider how important a shirt, piece of paper etc. etc. will be to you to have it signed by you idol in NFL or NBA and how would YOU feel to see it all destroyed by an outsider?
Lastly, I'd just add that if this was my console and got ruined like that by evil, cold, emotionless hands, I'd cry more than I cried for the one whose name shouldn't be said. Those who know her name, good, those who don't ... idk!! Yeah, i'd cry that much and hate microsoft more than I hate Sony and Yahoo combined.


durkhaima said...

ouch...yea I would just be mad if microsoft tried fixing anything for me.

May said...

Updated news on the story. at least it has a happy ending.