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Monday, March 3, 2008

FilmyFare.. Is it sad I enjoyed this awards show better than the Oscars?

Worst Dressed
Deepika Padukone - yea we understand, you used to model so hence the stoic expressions, but lady learn to put on more faces and better dresses!

Bipasha Basu - uhm.. dont' like the hair and the dress is too 80s junior high school prom.

Gauri Khan - your husband wears better makeup and clothes than you do.

Vidya Balan - I had no idea you were from kerala.. Anyway, outfit was waay too orange.

Hrithik and Akshay - Do NOT like the low cut undershirts. Too cleaveagey...

Best Saris
Tabu, Kareena and Karishma Kapoor wore the prettiest sarees of the night. Gorgeous!

The bois
Kunal Kapoor looked HOT.
Rajpal Yadav should be considered host the next time around.

Darsheel Zafary - awwwwwwww!
Kareena - Thank god you kept it short.
Rishi Kapoor - way too loud... Microphones are supposed to make you sound loud already.. No yelling required.

Bout between SRK, Saif and Akshay Kumar - classic!
Darsheel Zafary's speech... awwwwwwww! he's such a cutie pie!
The na-real awards... nice..
Karan the queen Johar being pushed off the stage by the other hosts.. LOVED the harassment... heehee

What was up with showing Twinkle Khanna, Neetu Singh and Neetu Singh's daughter over and over and over and over again? Anytime these people smiled, the cameras would be ON them.

And to the two hosts - we get it.. your intentions were to be crude and rude while hosting, which you pulled off.. brava.. But did you have to mention again and again about your beloved intentions? Annoying!

Umm.. excuse me, but Deepika getting nominated for the Best Actress award was bullshit! Did the Filmfare judging/jury people NOT get the idea that this chick cannot act!

Shah Rukh winning the best actor award - NOOO! Darsheel, you so deserve it more... sniff

Ok, Aamir, we get it... You dont' accept awards and yes Indian Awards show do have questionable credibility... (hello.. deepika being nominated proves the false credibility)... BUT, come on.. Darsheel showed up and YOU SHOULD HAVE TOO. WTF Aamir? You show up for the Oscars in 2000 when Lagaan was nominated and ditch the Filmfare awards? Oscars are just as lame foo..

Hrithik - Why the angry face? You did not have a smile on throughout.. Come on, some of the jodha akbar jokes that the hosts made were funny! Laugh!

Wayyyy Too cheesy.. Yea we know it's Bollywood.. But come on!
Saif giving the best actress award to Kareena.

The towel scene - the hosts were pushing it..

Rishi Kapoor's achievement award - uhm.. I personally feel he's a bit too young for this award.. but whatev.. And your Thank You speech Rishi, - could've probably trimmed out about 1000 pounds of cheesiness. We know you love your wifey, and your kids, and your nieces, and your grandpa, dad, uncles, aunts...

Vivek Oberoi - Awesome! You were totally into it.. unlike Deepika..

Kareena - didn't like the showgirl outfit, but your mauja performance was pretty kick ass... Just gain some weight...

Himesh - oh Himesh... What was up with you having the pre-recorded singing playing in the background? It was good seeing you without your cap though for those few seconds.

Akshay Kumar - eh.. I've seen better performances by you..

Comments made by mother and father through the show
"Where is the indianness in any of these performances, speeches and movies?"

"She has all that money... Why is she so skinny?" - On Kareena's performance.

"Where's Amitabh? And the family?!"

"Oh so THAT'S how Himesh looks without his cap"

"Look, no Aamir and no film clips of Taare Zameen Par." "Look, no Aamir and no film clips of Taare Zameen Par." "Look, no Aamir and no film clips of Taare Zameen Par." "Look, no Aamir and no film clips of Taare Zameen Par." - God I get it!



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