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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ok.. this is WTF Random!

I go to work yesterday and see this e-mail from bossjee:


I got the jury duty notification... I called in and they're asking me to show up to court. Will have to leave work around 12.


Whee.. Bossjee was not around yesterday.. yippee.. After work,.. I went home and heard this..

Daddy: Can you believe it!? I had to show up to court today for Jury Duty AND I have to show up TOMORROW too. And it has only been less than a year since we turned citizens. How come mummy and you didn't get called in yet???

I go to work today and talk to boss..

Me: How was jury duty boss?
Boss: (frustrated groan).. I have to show up today also.
Me: hmm.. Weird so does my dad... Did you go to the court in so and so city?
Boss: Yes. Such a pain in the ass jury duty is..

I go home after work and what do I hear:

Daddy: Deepa, I ran into your boss today at the court. We had a nice little conversation about you. He's a very tall man isn't he...

WTF Randomness! Boss and Daddy had to get called on the same day for the same case and for the same court... I have used a lot of "hanging out with coworkers and boss (even though I'm really hanging out with others)" excuses to my parents.. Hopefully the nice little conversations during jury duty won't expose my tiny harmless fibs.. :o)


durkhaima said...

lol... it's all a weird way.. it's all connected .. signs and signals and links and threads.. oh god, i sound like a person on the streets muttering by the traffic light as people pass by them not paying any attention... oh well