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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wow.. just ... Wow

Read This First

My reactions in the order of their occurence:

1. What?
2. Did another one of his buddies (Attorney General) resign or got fired?
3. Oh no... one of the democrats in congress must have asked a tough question ... um ... i don't know like ... what's the strategy for Iraq?
4. Wait a minute... you don't gotta cry if the Britishers are dropping out from war!

There there... hush now.. it's ok .. hardly a year left .. no need to fake it... we get it.. we're screwed ... now how about you wipe off your tears (I'm sure some of those idiots who voted for you, are already wasting their sympathies on you and before you know it... those poll ratings will show it ) and go cook up some other "justifications" for why we are where we are ... yea you go and do that.

For some reason... the following picture seemed appropriate for this entry... don't know why... just kinda ... you know ... made sense... what do you think?


I am the Walrus said...

There's no room for sympathy in politics yo!