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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

An outing with Bossjee

Boss and I decided to have lunch with a candidate that I just hired before the candidate joined our company. The candidate suggested that we go to an Indian Restaurant close to his current work.

Boss and I sit in my car and I'm driving. Touch Me... The song in Dhoom Two is playing in the background. Boss and I are intensely discussing work issues and then right at the very moment when both of us get silent...

The song on the car stereo goes "Touch me, don't touch me, come touch me, don't touch me... COME TOUCH ME SONIYAAAA!" Thanks Alisha.

Awkward... I want to turn off the radio but feel that if I DO turn it off now, Boss may think that I AM feeling awkward. Also, what if he never heard this song before and is enjoying it. Me changing the song would disrupt his enjoyment... Don't want to upset the boss.

Amidst my thoughts, Boss bursts out saying, "Did you know Bipasha Basu and John Abraham broke up?"

"What?! No Way!" Thankful that the awkwardness ended with discussion of mindless Bolly gossip. And OMG... Bipasha and John did break up.. Is it because she smooched with that other foreign soccer dude?

In other news..., Dhubhra just pointed out to me that conversations about Britney Spears's recent VMA performance are taking place at her work right now.. ho-hum. Britney, stop with the whatever it is that you do, which is considered as 'music' by some. You've made enough money for you, your kids, and several others to live comfortably. So take care of your two boys.


durkhaima said...

lolz.. your bossjee is a bolly junkie!!

Pri said...

desi boss? waah! does he bring good lunch? and i didnt know about bipasha and john. what are your sources? i demand to know!

Arranged? said...

uhm.. so far... boss is my only source... didn't bother researching into this yet.

Raazi said...

no, no! it turns out that they haven't broken up!