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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

OOh new game!!

D and I came up with an awesome new game... and this is all thanks to Miss Teen South Carolina.. try it out it's loads of fun...

Here's what you do, you ask a sensible question that a paegent judge would ask and you have to answer it like Miss Teen South Carolina... so here it goes..

D : what do you think about the troops being taken out of iraq
Moi : I personally believe that troops to south africa and other places and such as ... the IRaq should not want... the us americans and should help the us americans and such as yea ...that's my belief
D: what do you think of the tsunami that occured in indonesia this morning?
Moi: i believe the us americans should ... help the indians and such as
D: umm.. what are your thoughts on the 17 candidates that are running for the presidential election?
Moi: i think there should be more dates for the election cuz the us americans need help with their president such as ... the bush who should get a date as well such as ...

I think I did pretty well... give it a try...ask me another one... or ... give your very own miss teen south carolinaish answer..

This post was inspired by ... must-see and original


sp4rt4n029 said...

maybe miss teen south carolina meant to say myRaq and ended up making a mistake by saying IRaq *wonders*

Pri said...

have you seen this?

zombie said...

Hehe.. this was too cool.. Me and my pals have been trying out something similar !