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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I was on the radio

My voice was heard througout the Bay area... Or at least to those people that listened to 92.7FM on Thursday morning around 9:50am. On every Tuesday and Thursday, 92.7FM has Homo Vs. Hetero contest. On Tuesdays, they have a Gay Guy vs. a Straight Guy. Each are asked three questions over the radio. The Gay guy is asked questions that Straight guys would usually know and vice versa. On Thursday, it's Lesbians Vs. Straight Females...

So I was stuck in traffic on that oh so cold Thursday morning while going to work and the DJ announced that it was time for the Homo vs. Hetero contest. Since I was doing nothing much except pondering in my own thoughts and cussing at the traffic, I decided to call the radio station...

Lo and Behold, the DJ, actually picked up the phone and said, "92.7. Are you calling for the Homo vs. Hetero contest?"
Shocked that I was talking to the DJ, I said, "Yes..."
He then asked, "So what are you? Homo or Hetero?"
Still shocked that I was talking to a DJ, I finally muttered, "I am hetero..."
The DJ snickered and said, "Wow... Took you a while to answer that."
And I had to force out a fake laugh...

After a few moments, they had the lesbian on the line and the contest began.

The DJ started throwing out questions. He asked me questions that lesbians would usually know. It was a range of questions from Donald Trump to L Word to WNBA... I managed to answer 2 out of three correctly and the lesbian was able to answer 1.

As a result of my amazingly well known knowledge about the Lesbian world, I was able to win a CD Pack and was able to represent Straight women everywhere... Well, not really... The whole experience was interesting and I was able to kill time in traffic... Whoo Hoo!


durkhaima said...

lol this is hecka cool!