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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bikram Yoga

Like a friend mentioned... it's love-hate with Bikram. I was enthusiastic about the classes and then I learned all about its makers' desperation for building it up as McYoga... Then I was bothered.
Here's what I have liked and what makes me skeptical:

I do like the sweating, as a person who does not easily sweat, it's exhilirating to watch a puddle form around me.. gross I know. I let the heat seep in, here, more than once I have noticed the power of focus. I watch only my body in the mirror and I follow each movement closely, somehow doing that intently causes me to be in the asan. My mind does more work than my body. As though I have caused the mind to move the body.

Existing in that heat (110F) does not bother me but it does not keep me from constantly thinking about what is changing in my body physiologically? There is no freedom to change the routines, instructors must follow the book, each word.. "marriage of the heart and lungs", "opens up like a flower"... loses its effect very quickly. Now, some instructors can narrate well even while keeping the fast pace, while others are too rushed.

Currently, it's a drop-in state, would be super neat to see a research on how the body reacts to a workout like this. What happens inside? What happens long after?