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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Vice presidential debate mind paralysis

Or perhaps I should just say Presidential Elections 08' ... this time.. this whole process, campaigning and debating.. is all mind fuck for those of us who are searching for all the vital reasons to support a candidate.. rather than the redundant and useless qualities gathered by the majority of the media

I am eager about the vp debate tomorrow. Somewhere on the tubes (as Ted Stevens refers to the internet). I've come across many viewpoints about what is to be expected.... the common lot contains ,
Biden will make Palin cry like a baby and
then there was,
Palin had set herself with such low expectations that she will be phenomenal during the VP debates tomorrow....
and then
Biden is getting coaching on how not to be mean to Palin cuz that would upset women voters
Palin is weak cuz she actually supported one of Obama's viewpoints during Couric's interview about handling Pakistan

So I'm getting confused since what I'm gathering from all this is,
Biden is a mean guy who should focus on not being mean to Palin because she is a woman.
Palin should not support Obama's views because only he is entitled to have them.

The factors that have brought us this far in these campaigns and that will take these campaigns to the elections are entirely lost on me...It seems as though the American public manages to ride on a serious, practical thought process that does impact the country .. but only for a short while, and then as soon as we get closer to primaries or debates ... we resort to redundant comparisons and discussions about redundant qualities, tactics that these prospective leaders have or portray.

Isn't Palin and everyone else well versed with the notion that Biden can be quiet direct with his speech? Shouldn't she be prepared to handle it then? Why is it a topic of discussion? If this is a matter of concern for us then perhaps we should think of a debate between Palin and Hugo Chavez.

Why is it problematic that Palin seemed to have adopted a viewpoint that was originally laid out by Obama? Is it so that once Obama takes a position on a certain issue it is his alone? Wouldn't it be better to discuss HOW their reasons differ even though they take the same stance?

Please someone point me to the reasonable discussions that I hope are taking place somewhere on the tubes and not the useless chatter that hounds the media or perhaps is being promoted by some media outlets to cause this mega mind fuck