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Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Yesterday NPR (National Public Radio) featured a debate between the presidential candidates that took place in Iowa. Many important topics were discussed and the candidates tried their best to clearly state their position on various issues such as immigration, economy, war, foreign policy, etc. They also addressed questions such as "Can we please remove options for choosing other languages and messages like ' Para espanol oprima dos' from all the government services calls, since we are an English speaking nation, why should we be asked what language we speak." Yes, that was actually a question asked by some voter living in some small town ..hopefully.. who needs a history lesson desperately... obviously the candidates agreed that we are a diverse nation with many nationalities residing here therefore, government services calls will be provided in many languages that are popular here besides english. During the whole debate, there were moments when the candidates pointed fingers at one another, but in general there were times when they all seemed to bring solutions to the table that would work if they could create a best possible hybrid out of all that was proposed. I thought what about having more than one person as a president? What about having a group? I mean when a group will work together shouldn't it be less likely that they will make a mistake, as a group they should be able to give various perspectives and really inspect solutions proposed by others to see where the defects may be ? That's another thing instead of talking about what each candidate deems to be a solution, why don't they talk about how the solutions proposed by the others will or will not work, and what can be done to improve it. Afterall, don't we all want to see some of the major issues figured out and how can one person come up with solutions to all ?