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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This one takes the cake

Last night Seepa and Dhubhra were involved in our usual IM convo...
this was the result

details here :

Seepa took amusement in watching old bollywood madhuri dance videos... not to mention Seepa is super excited about Madhuri's re-entry into bollywood... much details can be found in our conversation listed below.

(22:37:31) seepa: whts up?
(22:37:36) dhubhra: hello
(22:37:57) seepa: how was training?
(22:38:44) dhubhra: boring
(22:39:01) seepa: not surprised...
(22:39:14) dhubhra: yea it's sharepoint
(22:39:26) dhubhra: and I dealt with the uncooked eggplants
(22:39:34) dhubhra: what up
(22:39:39) dhubhra: howz it going with you?
(22:39:52) seepa: usual
(22:40:04) seepa: you should blog about the eggplants
(22:52:32) dhubhra: anyyyyyyyhow
(22:52:42) dhubhra: isn't this bizarre
(22:52:43) dhubhra:
(22:52:46) dhubhra: monkey attack!
(22:52:54) dhubhra: killed the mayor of delhi
(22:53:18) seepa: whoa
(22:53:29) dhubhra: yea
(22:56:31) seepa: dude the fires are just freaky
(22:56:33) seepa: down in san diego
(23:15:42) dhubhra: u there?
(23:15:47) seepa: yea
(23:15:55) seepa: madhuri dixit is coming in a new movie
(23:16:04) dhubhra: what?
(23:16:06) dhubhra: what are you saying
(23:16:19) dhubhra: she's got like 2 sons now? can you believe that
(23:16:25) seepa:
(23:16:29) seepa: check that video out
(23:16:33) dhubhra: maar daala
(23:16:35) seepa: i've seen it like 10 times already
(23:16:37) dhubhra: hoooooooooooooo
(23:16:37) seepa: she's sooooo good
(23:16:40) dhubhra: maar daala
(23:16:43) dhubhra: ho ho ho
(23:16:45) dhubhra: maar dalaaaaaaaaaaa
(23:16:49) dhubhra: haaaaaaaaaan
(23:16:52) dhubhra: maar daalaaaa
(23:16:56) seepa: :))
(23:17:35) dhubhra: watching video @-)
(23:17:47) seepa: doesn't she look good
(23:18:07) dhubhra: wait
(23:18:09) dhubhra: lemme see her
(23:18:12) dhubhra: wow
(23:18:15) dhubhra: pretty cool
(23:18:21) dhubhra: glad to see an actress in bollywood
(23:18:26) dhubhra: dancing around
(23:18:40) dhubhra: even after she is a mom
(23:18:51) dhubhra: cuz they usually don't do that ... and that used to piss me off
(23:19:00) dhubhra: why can't they shake it after they marry!!!
(23:19:07) dhubhra: sure
(23:19:43) seepa: just watch the last video i sent to you
(23:19:46) seepa: very wunderfulllll
(23:19:55) dhubhra: oh
(23:20:01) dhubhra: HECK YES ... I remember that from like
(23:20:04) dhubhra: back in the day
(23:20:13) dhubhra: she was blind in that one
(23:20:16) seepa: whoa
(23:20:22) seepa: i dont remember this movie at all
(23:20:26) seepa: never heard this song
(23:20:29) dhubhra: one after another
(23:20:47) dhubhra: i used to think she said "mai kuvari hoo"
(23:20:51) dhubhra: "oo o oo ooo "
(23:20:57) seepa: she doesn't look bling
(23:21:02) seepa: *blind
(23:21:02) seepa: =))
(23:21:02) seepa: kuvarai
(23:21:05) dhubhra: or wait ... wait ...
(23:21:12) dhubhra: that wouldn't make sense
(23:21:17) dhubhra: no I thought it as the same
(23:21:23) dhubhra: lol
(23:22:11) seepa: this is the ULTImate song:
(23:23:24) dhubhra: all the related videos in that last video you sent
(23:23:29) dhubhra: are like ... porno
(23:23:37) dhubhra: lol
(23:23:53) dhubhra: dang dhakh dhakh was such a famous song
(23:23:58) seepa: hhaa.. seriously
(23:24:00) dhubhra: no. 1 on philips top 10
(23:24:02) dhubhra: always
(23:24:05) seepa: she was scandalous yo
(23:24:17) dhubhra: i knoooowwww
(23:24:17) dhubhra: dang
(23:25:47) seepa: this one:
(23:26:25) seepa: these songs are so ridiculous
(23:26:27) dhubhra: LOLz
(23:26:49) dhubhra: let's see who can find madhubala's pyar kiya to darna kya
(23:26:51) dhubhra: go!!
(23:26:58) dhubhra: LOL
(23:26:59) dhubhra: wait a minute
(23:27:06) dhubhra: he said "mohabbat ka bicchu "
(23:27:11) dhubhra: lolz
(23:27:12) seepa: another one for your viewing pleasure:
(23:27:21) dhubhra: "aisa dunk marta hai"
(23:27:23) dhubhra: dunk due
(23:27:25) dhubhra: *dunk
(23:27:27) dhubhra: LOL
(23:27:31) dhubhra: like a basketball dunk
(23:27:34) seepa: wait... who's saying all this?
(23:27:36) dhubhra: we could make a remix
(23:27:44) dhubhra:
(23:27:49) dhubhra: listen to the dunk talk
(23:27:52) dhubhra: in the beginning
(23:29:41) seepa: she's a good dancer though
(23:29:43) dhubhra: did u hear it???
(23:29:48) seepa: yes yes
(23:29:50) dhubhra: mohabbat ka bichchu
(23:29:51) seepa: its not too clear
(23:29:55) dhubhra: aisa dunk marta hai
(23:29:58) dhubhra: i say we mix it
(23:30:03) dhubhra: dunk .. dunk dunk
(23:30:09) dhubhra: and then we show a slam dunk
(23:31:13) seepa: =))
(23:31:23) dhubhra: and we repeat it like a thousand times
(23:31:25) dhubhra: dunk dunk dunk
(23:31:28) seepa: she can't speak english all that well yo:
(23:32:12) dhubhra: saw that one
(23:32:45) dhubhra: karan johar is a ...
(23:32:47) dhubhra: Omg
(23:32:52) dhubhra: i so don't wanna say the word
(23:32:55) seepa: yes yes
(23:32:57) seepa: the g work
(23:32:58) seepa: *word
(23:33:01) dhubhra: GAY
(23:33:02) dhubhra: SUPER GAY
(23:33:09) dhubhra: i wish there was a crown
(23:33:14) dhubhra: I could place it on his head
(23:33:51) dhubhra: dunk dunk dunk dunk
(23:34:02) seepa: like the ball hitting his head?
(23:34:06) dhubhra: lol
(23:34:11) dhubhra: and going into the basket
(23:35:15) seepa: OMG! :
(23:35:18) seepa: =))
(23:35:45) dhubhra: my laptop will crash if I see too many videos
(23:35:51) dhubhra: :(
(23:35:53) dhubhra: it's old
(23:35:56) seepa: oh
(23:36:00) dhubhra: srk and karan johar should go out
(23:36:08) dhubhra: and they should have a relationship
(23:36:22) dhubhra: that way srk will get the publicity of his life
(23:37:13) dhubhra: alright i need to get crowns made for karan johar and srk
(23:37:41) seepa: cuz they're queens?
(23:37:53) dhubhra: they are maha queens
(23:38:31) seepa: last one for the day:
(23:38:40) dhubhra: i think queen elizabeth ... would be like "well... would you be so kind as to STOP your nonsense"
(23:39:06) seepa: hahaha
(23:39:08) dhubhra: wow
(23:39:14) dhubhra: you are going nutz on madhuri
(23:39:26) dhubhra: what do you want? do you have one of those outbursts to sing and dance
(23:39:27) dhubhra: all this?
(23:39:43) seepa: i do have an urge to be like her
(23:40:08) dhubhra: lol
(23:40:17) dhubhra: you might just start dancing
(23:40:22) dhubhra: all the way to my place or something
(23:40:33) dhubhra: with that "chane ke khet" step
(23:40:34) dhubhra: lol
(23:41:01) dhubhra: on that video listen to the 1:47
(23:41:06) seepa: argh
(23:41:08) dhubhra: i want you to sing that particular thing
(23:41:08) seepa: just closed it
(23:41:13) dhubhra: when you are on your way
(23:41:19) dhubhra: please listen to that segment
(23:41:27) seepa: send that link to me again
(23:41:34) seepa: dont feel like scrolling up the window to get the link
(23:41:37) dhubhra: 1.46
(23:41:40) dhubhra: to be exact
(23:41:42) dhubhra: 1:46
(23:41:50) dhubhra: please sing that when you are on your way
(23:42:12) seepa: tu tu tu tuuuu
(23:42:17) dhubhra: LOL
(23:42:19) dhubhra: LOL

.. But eventually we encountered the mother of them all as you can see from the title
There was silence after this ..


Pri said...

oh dear god!

Arranged? said...

Isn't that video like the best Public Service Announcement EVER!

Totally lays the importance out for the audience!

Pri said...

um sure.
how does one get the image out of one's head?

Indianoguy said...

What happened to the comment I posted on friday?
If you dont publish it, I am gonna send assassins after you

durkhaima said...


I don't think we deleted any comments from you... you are welcome to post again... I don't think it ever made it ..

durkhaima said...

I think the video proposes some interesting halloween costume ideas... just a thought.. :P

Indianoguy said...

Yay yay,
my people in Teluguland are creative :)

sp4rt4n029 said...

oh btw did you know that to get rid of monkies Delhi give brought in bunch of langoors. Heard that news on knew 910 on my way to work. How very smart

durkhaima said...

Yea, heard that and also in Lucknow they did the same thing, apparently the langoors scare the monkeys cuz langoors hit the monkeys with their snappy fast tails ... lol.. one whack and they don't come back..