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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


My coworker should have written the following post, but she looked at me all weird when I requested for her to do so. Hence, I'll just write it on her behalf...

My coworker's friend wanted to go get a haircut. Coworker's friend (CF) went to a barbershop, got his hair washed and right when barber was about to start cutting CF's hair, barber sneezed really loud, phlegmy and snottily once into the air and once into his hands. Instead of washing hands, barber simply wipes hands on shirt and starts to cut CF's hair.

CF disgusted, but still wanting to be polite and not wanting to put barber on the spot says, "umm... can you wash hands and rewash my hair?".
Barber looks at him all funny, and goes, "why?"
CF says, "Just because... I'm very paranoid about my hair being clean.. ahem ahem.."

After the hair is washed, and cut, CF get's ready to pay the bill and sees that barber charged twice for washing the hair.
CF enraged goes, "Barber, I don't want to pay twice. I asked you to wash my hair again because you sneezed into the open around me, and then you sneezed into your hands and didn't wash your hands!"
Barber had the nerve to say, "but my hands were still clean even after i sneezed into them..."

ewww ewww ewww


durkhaima said...

ewwwwww ... do tell which barber shop

Theory said...

Good lord, that's bad. Some people have no common sense.

Anonymous said...

eww thats gross, when was that??? i hope not in my hometown, then its back to cutting my own hair in the bedroom holding the mirror with one hand, the scissors with the other, and my sister getting the hair. thats disgusting! FIRE THE BARBER, or send him (is it a barberess if its a girl?) to court, i will back you up CF!!

Anonymous said...

why hasn't anyone else commented on this since 2007? its 2008!! sheesh.

durkhaima said...

Anonymous... let the anger go... it's fine.. just breathe... it's fine anonymous... life will go on