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Monday, April 9, 2007

Nothing Surprises Me Anymore

So when it comes to that time of the month... Yes, to menfolk that are reading this post... This post is about periods... Go ahead... I'll give you a couple of seconds to Log off. Or Turn off the system. Or Close the window. Cringe and Turn away in disgust. We understand... ~sigh~

See, a lot of women are just as disgusted when it comes to period. We usually have an inkling on when it's going to happen. We dread going to the restroom and making sure the period is here or not. We get signs such as cramps, back aches, lack of taste, severe mood swings, surprisingly increased strength. And to make things weirder, Always added this line to their maxi pads: Have a Happy Period.. And the wordings are written in a dreamy font that it takes you to a peaceful place... like a beach perhaps, or a shoe store. NOT!

Picture this... You're in a cramped restroom. Maybe the one at work, or at a movie theatre.. wherever. And you're trying to make the most of your space to remove the pad and attach it on. While unwrapping it... you hear the tear noise and what do you see? A thin film of paper wishing you a Happy Period!... ~longer sigh~

Do they even know what they're wishing to? When they say a Have a Happy Period, they are saying Have a Happy yelling at the world, hating the opposite sex, feeling pain down there, running to restroom due to increased water! Thanks for the regards Always! Gosh... is the maxi pad industry being ruled by men too? See, I'm not angry at Always's Marketing for trying. But I leave it to this: Is there ever such a thing as a HAPPY period?

See, this would FO SHO make me more happier. Instead of i-TV, apple should totally endorse the i-pad! Listen to your faves while on your period... tra lala... Don't you LOVE MadTV?


I am the Walrus said...

What would be amazing is if corporations start using the Happy campaign for all of feminine products:

Have a Happy waxing!
Have a Happy shaving!
Have a Happy plucking!
Have a Happy bath! --> well, this one isn't half bad.

I should SO belong in marketing.

May said...

lol....only a woman can truly appreciate this. haha...

Have a Happy Bikini Wax!

Shalini said...

Talkin bout those cruel marketing schemes......WHY in the world do they make all of those pad wrappers in the most embarrassing brightass colors????