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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kundali doesn't match

Interesting events seem to be happening pretty frequently this year for moi and Dhubhra, but the following incident by far takes the cake.

Before I start stating the story readers, here's some background. Last year, without my knowing, my parents started scoping out for eligible men in order to get me married. I decided to put it to a stop by telling them to not look for ladke. I thought I had made my point, but then, the following happened.

Last Saturday my mummyjee and pappajee were waiting eagerly for me to get home. See, my parents are usually eager for me to get home for only the following reasons: to clean my room, stuff me with food, or to talk about my matrimonial status.

I go to their bedroom and my mom then says,

"Sit down. We need to talk to you."
"Mom, I think I know where this is going", says I.
"Just listen to me please." says mommy.
"I guess..." sighed I.
"Well, this is what happened. See your aunt was at this one temple (In India) and she ran into a couple. Three of them started talking and the couple started talking about how they need to get their son married... Your aunt being your aunt started asking more questions about the huduga (boy)."
"Mom... get to the point" says I almost losing my patience, while wondering what might be playing on TV.
"Well, the huduga's mom stated that there was this one girl that they were really interested and everything. But the girl's family ended up not showing any interest. The girl's astrological signs would've been a perfect match for their son."
"LOUD SIGH," sighed I.
"Deepa, pay attention! Then your aunt asked for details on that girl..."
"What girl?"
"That girl that they were interested in. And lo and behold... the couple was talking about you. They knew your name and your astrological sign" says my mom in a shocking yet suspenseful manner. "
"Great" says I.
"Apparently the couple was really interested in looking into our family further. Listen, I would like to look into this more too. The guy's in Boston Deepa."
"Fine... Look into it.. Do whatever. Can I go now?" says I.

On Monday, I relate this story to Dhubhra during lunch and Dhubhra goes,

"Your mom should look into it. This is a SIGN. Can we ask for a bigger sign?!"
I continued eating my ravioli not paying too much attention.
"I'm calling your mother. You should meet this guy." yelps Dhubhra.
"Well, I guess it can be taken as a sign. I mean, of all the temples in india, my aunt just HAD to run into that one couple and they just HAPPENED to be the dude's parents that MY parents are interested in too."
"Exactly..." nodded Dhubhra.

So Dhubhra calls my mom, beaming with happiness that this was a cosmic/supernatural way of telling us that the guy in Boston was meant for moi. The conversation with my mom and Dhubhra went something like so...

Dhubhra: "Hi Aunty."
Aunty: "Hi Shubhra."
Dhubhra: "Aunty... isn't it amazing how Deepa's aunt ran into that one family at the temple?"
Aunty: "Huh? Kya (what)?"
Dhubhra: "Aunty... that one family that's interested in Deepa and want to get to know her more..."
Aunty: "Ohhhh....... that! That Deepa tells EVERYTHING to you! But, that guy is not going to work."
Dhubhra: "Uh, why?"
Aunty: "The kundali doesn't match."

Shubhra's hopes and dreams were then shattered, which inspired her to compose the following song. The video for the song will be made soon readers.

Why why why
tell me why you get ma hopes high, why
mommy you said you knew best
got me thinkin about you
I thought you had the right signs
mommy said you was gonna be mine
you was cute, you were hot
I started to believe you was a good catch
and then mommy said KUNDALI DOESN'T MATCH
--- rap beats ---
kundali doesn't match y0 kundali doesn't match
you could've been a good catch
but oh well.. kundali doesn't match
now I be alone in ma room cryin, lock myself up, turned the latch
but what for when... kundali doesn't match
i swear if you found another, don't blame me if your love I snatch
yes I would do that..
but not anymore now that... kundali doesn't match
I thought we could make it, I thought my heart and yours would attach
but I can't believe this... now that kundali doesn't match
--at this point.. the rap beats are playing but the rapper is talking to the camera--
hey y0.. look.. I know they be tellin us over and over again
and I know y'all think that this be a mismatch
but I think we can work it out
I think we need a rematch
(we have a look at the guy and then the rapper has an epiphany)
nah it's cool... shoot! thank GOD! KUNDALI DOESN'T MATCH
peace out y0!

- Deepa and Dhubhra


sp4rt4n029 said...

awesome! but if i was dhubhra, I would tell your mum, aunty all this kundi stuff is crap. if ya like the and he is ready to give out a carrera gt to everyone who attends the wedding, go for it :D

sp4rt4n029 said...

ok well heres Carrera GT

durkhaima said...

Carrera nullifies all kundalis by default... :P

sp4rt4n029 said...

but regardless, indians need to get over with this kundali crap. its more annoying than watching donald trump brag about his 1.2 billion dollar bling bling

durkhaima said...


not if ekta kapoor can help it

I am the Walrus said...

i'm actually happy with the end result... the more involved my parents get with kundalis.. more people get screened out and the longer i stay single... aah.. beautiful world...

Pri said...

Was this a 'Benglur hudga' by any chance? If he is [therefore there's a good chance he could be cute...or not] then fake kundalis can be made in a few hours.

Pri said...

durkhaima & i am the walrus: You've been tagged.

and me likes the new blog name. i never quite understood the last one.

Janefield said...

I LURRRRRRRRRRVE the rap song!
howlarious!!! :D
i actually sang it out loud in my head :P

Janefield said...

and visualized u gals in the vdo!

whr is the promised vdo btw?!

Rebellion said...

That was simply awesome description. Loveeeeeed the rap. Can't wait to see the vdeo :D

Coco Captive said...

Hahaha.. the rap song is cool! :)

Came over here coz Jane recommended this article! Cool one indeed!
Reminds me of the similar days! :)