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Friday, April 27, 2007

Feeling Sheepish?? But... why doesn't it bark??

A fellow blogger came across the following article to which we applaud him for... (applause! taaliyan!)

To sum up the article, it simbly states that a company in the UK sold off some poor sheep disguised as poodles to the rich and famous in Japan. Apparently a top actress in Japan, Maiko Kawakami, bought a pseudo-poodle for oh some hundred pounds or so, paraded it around Japan, but then got the news that the newly bought pet was in fact a mere old sheep. Maiko, will you continue to keep the sheep as a pet? Inspite of the fact that your sheepoodle does not bark or eat doggie food?

Oh the horror! What have companies stooped down to? Or is it just a brilliant strategy? (smiling smugly and tapping my fingers like Mr. Burns - think Simpsons readers) Using the Japanese's lack of knowledge on dogs became a successful venture for the sheep selling company since over a 1000 sheep were sold.

Now, I've been to the highlands and farmlands in some parts of the UK and truly, you do see more sheep than humans. Oh my lord! (Shocked face) ...

Are the sheep finally taking over? Is this a companywide scheme to get rid of the conquering mindset of... dun dun dun... the SHEEP? And what a perfect little way to get rid of those horrid animals by selling them to the other countries?

All I'm saying is, Beware of the sheep and counting them in your sleep... :-S


I am the Walrus said...

sheep scare me...