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Saturday, June 17, 2000

Brain Dump

मुझे: oh no

२१:५९ for a while now
i'm just feeling like
i need to create something
write something
or just something original
it's driving me nutz
nayajhen: i know the feeling
२२:०० direct that energy toward doing something very simple
rather than have grand ideas
things will come out of it
that's how I found tango :)
२२:०१ मुझे: cool
मुझे: i'm watching
1/5 Nature Shock: The Whale that Blew Up in the Street
on youtube
२२:१० nayajhen: link link
२२:१३ yea part 2 is pretty gross
nayajhen: heh
i've heard about this
२२:१४ was this real?
मुझे: yea
२२:१६ i know the right people who could make an crazy awesome parody of this story
i'm dying to send this to them lol
yet i don't
nayajhen: why not?
२२:१७ मुझे: i don't know them that well lol
nayajhen: hehe, try it
२२:१८ मुझे: done
२२:१९ nayajhen: it's amazing how big those things are
मुझे: yea
nayajhen: the whale's mouth is surprisingly small compared to other fish
though of course it is not one
it's a mammal
मुझे: yep
२२:२० i thought of whales
because of a convo i had the other day
and it kinda inspired me to write something
the conversation was about how whales may have been living near the shore and as temperature changed they moved to water
२२:२१ their fins are different from fish since they were really legs
that joined together
they have to come up for air every moment to breathe
and it made me think
they must be cursed
like a band of humans cursed to be whales
२२:२२ to live in an environment which you need to constantly move out of to breathe
every breathe is a struggle to get the air
nayajhen: haha, good way to look at it
मुझे: whale songs sound like human cries
२२:२३ so yea .. i got kinda poetic with that ... and now i'm thinking about what to write :P
२२:२४ nayajhen: run with it
"The Curse of a Whale"
or "The Whale Curse"
२२:२५ or just "The Whale"
मुझे: :P
nayajhen: where our protagonist the whale who is now 2,000,000 years old
give or take
२२:२६ has seen himself evolve from a land mammal to
a sea creature
or gigantic proportions
मुझे: :P
nayajhen: as he conforms to his new reality
मुझे: cool
nayajhen: and accepts that it is so only because he ate so much
मुझे: may be you gotta run with it
२२:२७ nayajhen: then he realizes that it was indeed his destiny
that is where his prosperity lay
because the sea was teeming with food and a variety of fauna and with its vaast size
and length and breadth
could suppport him forever
or so he thinks
२२:२८ मुझे: :P
nayajhen: until he realizes that there are creatures of the deep who exist already
who will not let him build his territory as he wants
the giant squid of the deep trenches of the pacific
who attacks him with such ferocity
२२:२९ that he is lascerated from end of fin to end of fin
the sharks with their razor sharp teeth attack him as he tries to find a place for himself
in the warm ocean currents of the equatorial region
२२:३० all the while being driven to the northern and the southern seas due to these predators
but he will survive
मुझे: wow
nayajhen: by becoming bigger and bigger
feeding on tonnes and tonnes of plankton
his appetite voracious
his quest unstoppable
२२:३१ he makes friends with the fly fish
the octopi
मुझे: cooooool
nayajhen: and the creatures of the coral reefs
he is surrounded by beauty
he is loved by the small creatures
the seahorses, the anemones, the clown fish
they see to him as their protector
२२:३२ though the evil sharks will not cede so easily
they rule the oceans with an iron hand
but they are young
and brash
and take matters into their hands and look the ocean as their fiefdom
मुझे: damn that's awesome
nayajhen: while the whale realizes that he lives with other creatures and he's benevolent though he is big
२२:३३ he defends the small creatures he understands their helplessnesss against the brazen madness of a shark
the stingrays - the convenient snivelling schemers of the seas
side with the sharks
२२:३४ like hte cowards that they are
they patrol the reefs and the shallow shores
guiding the sharks and acting as their reconnaisance
२२:३५ of course they are killed by the sharks when they are of no use to them
but that doesn't bother them, because they care for nothing but themselves and they have nothing to give to the ocean
this battle goes on for thousands of millenia
२२:३६ with victors on both sides
and massive losses on either side
but it is not open war
it's a cold war
our whale in the meantime has grown in size, stature, appetite and respect
२२:३७ the sea creatures look to him for advice
they come from far and wide across the 5 oceans
and ask him to travel with them and he does
talking to creatures, giving them advice, helping them where he can
मुझे: woooooooooooooow
nayajhen: works tirelessly day and night
he doesn't need sleep
२२:३८ he's not just a survivor
he's a life giver
but ultimately he will face teh sharks
the rays
the squids
in open war
it will be bloody
मुझे: he fears nothing
nayajhen: no
he's a gentle giant
but a strong one
२२:३९ he's confident, but forgiving
there is no fear
ok, i'm out
i need to resolve the story
i have no idea how
no hollywood endings
ok open war
the squids have claimed territory in the deep recesses of the pacific
२२:४० the trenches are theirs
they are led by the biggest, most intelligent creature of them all
मुझे: then there are people
he was one
nayajhen: of course
मुझे: he was cursed
but he had found a place
२२:४१ in that too
somehow a life away from men
had proved to be rewarding
he had forgotten the longing
२२:४२ he had wailed before for the past life
but he had resolved those longings to new beginnings
all before he found out that they had infact caught up
२२:४३ now they had found him
nayajhen: and they wer echasing him
मुझे: they didn't know him.. he knew them all too well
he was one
ages ago
२२:४४ nayajhen: yes
मुझे: their shapes, their methods, had changed
yet their hunger
their gluttony
their greed
had remained
२२:४५ nayajhen: he had seen it all before
मुझे: he had lived it ... with their intentions following him
२२:४६ and marvelling at his every move .. he could sense the greed beneath the wonder in their eyes
२२:४७ nayajhen: now they came hunting
with weapons
मुझे: his majesty, his beauty was no match for their timidness, cheap yet coniving ways
nayajhen: another front in the war of survival of the ocean formed
मुझे: if this ever was a curse ... this must be the eye of it
nayajhen: the storm has arrived
मुझे: this to face onself
२२:४८ to face the evil
to see it eye to eye .. yet feel helpless
२२:४९ he warned them and they watched with their mouths open ... how can he explain
how can he express the gasp
he has felt
everytime he has reached out to breathe
२२:५० every dive a thousand or more meters deep to eat and then back up again
२२:५१ with every breath that has been a fight he has known life more than them
no one has filled their insides with a breath as he has
he has known each breath
२२:५२ nayajhen: he has lived for so long that he can recognize the foulness of the air he is living in now
compared to the pristine, fresh air of his childhood
२२:५३ "An Ode to the lost home of his childhood"

8 मिनट
२३:०२ मुझे: he distances himself from his friends from others he feels will be too weak and therefore uninteresting enough to die at the hands of his past
he waits for them to meet him
nayajhen: but they have known him for a long time
many of them all their lives
he's their father, mother and their life
they will not leave him

8 मिनट
२३:११ nayajhen: there is a great exercise we did in acting class the other day
basically we all sit in a circle
this is a game i think you've already played
२३:१२ where one person starts off with a word
the next person adds another word
and it goes on
they don't have to repeat what the others have said
मुझे: yea
nayajhen: but try to create an intelligible sentence/story
as a group
the idea is to help the next person come up with something
मुझे: can i post this story on my blog :P


working class hero said...

der is an important thing missing in dis movie-to-be or it wont sell...and dat is a she-whale...

oh, i mean c,mon, der has got to be chicks...n der has most definitely to be sex...

n also, der has to be a great alpha-shark...a great white...

n when d final battlelines r drawn, it ud d b d great white leading his armies against our whale and his lady love...

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