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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nagins in Bollywood 101

You know you are faced with a Nagin from bollywood if:

  1. AMORPHOUS: It can assume any shape and form possible, (even a skeleton bride, 6:46)
    major giveaway: if you catch it converting from human to snake or snake to human.. that pretty much seals the deal example
  2. LIGHT COLORED EYES UPON OCCASION: When mad or excited or angry .. its eyes turn blue.. or gray.
  3. BIN/PUNGI: If you play the bin anywhere around it, it will try to resist but will eventually give in by dancing, like so .. clickity , or this , more, you get the idea. Note the cobra like hand gesture... VERY important for a nagin dance.
  4. RELIGIOUS: It hangs around Lord Shiva's idol.
  5. AGILE: It can do anything! dodge bullets, withstand lightening, appear, disappear ... anything
  6. MONOGAMOUS:It practices monogamy and loves to dance with it's companion, rolling around and slithering like movements, references : clickity clack
  7. AVENGEFUL: If you kill its loved one ... particularly the naag it will avenge you. How does it know who killed the naag you ask? Simple! it sees the picture of the murdered in the dead naag's eyes, as explained here (1:37)
  8. MANI: It knows where the mani is at.. now mani is the jewel that can supposedly make a snake charmer or sage or saint or saadhoo or just about anyone rich.. how you ask ? Well, since none of the idiots in any of the movies have found it .. it remains to be answered... all we know is that its really shiny and bright enough to make the night seem like day.
  9. SNAKE BABIES: If you fall in love with one, your spawn are likely to become one. That's if you don't eat them.
  10. AMRISH PURI: Nagin in bollywood movies usually has a contender who will play the bin and intice it and try to get the nagin to reveal the mani's location and that guy will most likely be Amrish Puri. Unfortunately, we don't have that luxury anymore, Jaani dushman (new one) is the last such movie that saw him in this character.
Not long ago, I sat down to revise my Nagin IQ by watching the great classic Nagina which is the single most popular Nagin movie. As a friend noticed my undivided attention toward the screen, he interjected with great curiosity as "Mai teri dushman (I'm your enemy)" played , amrish puri blowed and sri devi gyrated..

Friend: Whoa why is she dancing like that?
Moi: That's a popular dance buddy ...
Friend: Is she mad she doesn't have one?
Moi: doesn't have what?
Friend: No GINA
Moi speechless....