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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The worst holiday ever!

I am in Scotland now. I haven't been on a holiday in a year and a half and this was supposed to be great because it is my husband's birthday and we had a lot of great plans! 

After having worked non-stop for months I was really looking forward to this vacation. This morning when we were leaving for the airport our suitcase got locked by mistake. It was a code lock and we had forgotten the code. Luckily we had a hammer and we broke the lock. Then we bought another lock and locked it again and left for the airport. On the air port after security check my husband realised he had lost his boarding pass and it also had out luggage identification tag. However, the airport authorities found it and gave it to us. Now, the flight was tiring as we hadn't slept in days because of the work load. I was soooo glad to land in Scotland. We went to the baggage claim... and guess what? Our bags were no where to be found. We went to the airport staff and we found that our baggage was left back in Birmingham. Actually, that's what they said but they weren't sure as they said it could be lost as well. Anyway, they said if its there it will be with us in three hours and they would call us. They dint! When I rang them all they could say was there is still no sign of your bags!

Its my husband's birthday in 2 hours and I am so depressed. I do not want to upset him but I can help it I am so pissed off and sad! :( 


durkhaima said...

Oh no... I hope you find your bags asap... I'm sure you can cheer him up!!

Lalita said...

hota hai hota hai..cheer up and hv a gud time :-)