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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Geometrical analysis of Bollywood coupling

Face it you have drawn it all in your head. It's time we drew it out and revisit the common combinations and explore the possibilities from here on.

Your basic line segment

i) BOY --------------------> GIRL
ii) BOY <------------------- GIRL Nothing to see here, simplified into: iii) BOY <---------------------> GIRL

Now, the next step

iv) GIRL----------->BOY--------->GIRL
v) BOY------------>GIRL--------->BOY

most commonly misrepresented as a "love triangle". To those who casually use that term.. I would like to remind them that a triangle is indeed closed. In which case, we would find ourself with

vii). GIRL <----> GIRL from iv)
viii). BOY <-----> BOY from v)

Here we find that adhering to the geometric properties of a triangle.. brings forth the homogeneous nature of this state. In such a case.. a homogeneous relationship is suggested, so by the book we should be exploring vii). and viii). Yet, bollywood has steered itself clear from these premises ... while the novice viewer leisurely goes about declaring any trio as a "love triangle" once again I repeat GET YOUR GEOMETRY RIGHT!!!


A common case that makes for many comedic flicks out there ... the arrows depicting a chase. Diagonal additions to this will be pointing to a future with homogeneous states.

An unexplored pattern would be the circle. Where the arrow begins and ends with the same subject, suggesting self-love or flicks that conclude with the protagonist finding satisfaction within themselves rather than in another individual. A pattern hardly seen in its credit, not fully embraced in Hollywood either... after all Carrie Bradshaw does end up with Big following i).

Feel free to add onto other visible and unexplored patterns/shapes.

UPDATE (12:49 pm Aug 18) OK I take back whatever I said about Bollywood's reluctance of homogeneous territory, check it out >


Lalita said...

good one..very funny :-)