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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

You are pregnant, You are on the BART, why won't you sit when someone offers you a seat!!

Yes, it's a long title. However, this is exactly what was going through my head 2 weeks ago during the tiring BART commute which used to be nap time for me before the BART started experiencing issues and Richmond trains were dropped from Fremont route. There was a mob of passengers standing in every coach, with dying hope of finding a seat. In the midst of this was a lady who was very visibly pregnant, she hops onto our coach and obviously a seated passenger begins to get up and offer her a seat, she refuses to sit.. huh? Another older lady does the same.. she refuses again with a smile.. I am baffled by this as we are being jerked around by the bumpy ride. I want to ask her.. what is the matter with you? It bothers me .. what is going on in her head? You may want to be strong and tough but you do realize there is baby in you.. a living being who is fragile , who is not going to benefit from the bumpy BART ride.

After learning of my confusion as to why the lady would happily refuse to take a seat, one of my good friend responds "but may be she was not pregnant" .. . I think about this ... but there was a visible baby bump on her.. we argue about this .. after a set of back-and-forths my friend sends me a picture of her acquaintance who she thought was pregnant and even called her so... only to hear not so pleasant words in a reply... the acquaintance was not pregnant .. she clearly looked pregnant... I refused to believe this .. until I saw the picture.. my friend suggested I blog about this .. get an opinion or something ... according to her I can use the picture freely on the internets as the girl in it will never learn to use a computer....regardless I have blurred the face .... and the shoes ....and the handbag.. sometimes you can tell with the handbag and all..


Anonymous said...

Finally! You have been busy havent you?

So,anyone would think she's pregnant and a lot of people may get confused as well! I have embarrassed myself in the past for calling her pregnant.

So be careful, as what you always see may not be what you think it is!!