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Monday, May 19, 2008

Would you Walk Away?

Following incident happened over the weekend...

Couple of my friends and I went to a club/bar where a certain ethnic group were the majority in the crowd. My group of friends and I were probably the only ones that were not part of the majority ethnic group that was present at the club. Two of my friends stepped out for a bit, and while standing outside, they were called a very racial, derogatory term by a few people.

One of the friend's instant reaction was to punch that person in the face, but the other friend held back, calmed the friend down and both decided to leave the place immediately.

My question to you blogtopia is, would you also want to leave such a place immediately and walk away?

Or would you prove your point in another way, perhaps by sticking around to show that being labeled does not effect you. You paid for the service to enter the club, so don't you deserve to have a good time just like everyone else in there?

Would making a stand, not being phased out, and continuing to stay at the club make a stronger point? Or is walking away and avoiding other situations the answer?



KizzoGirl said...

Tough one.

durkhaima said...

I wouldn't ruin my evening on a bunch of ignorant pricks .. I would leave but then again.. it depends on how intense the situation gets.

Anonymous said...

nah i wouldn't leave...i'd stick around and if situation gets worse, start a brawl!