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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Random Convo.. Haven't had one of these in a while... This is how I pass time at work...

me: you're going to hollywood?
S: there is an audition for a bollywood thing
S: it's like a cattle call
me: excellent
me: i saw it on ur facebook that you're attending it
S: yea
me: obama seems to be doing well
S: yea ...
S: i just hope he can give specifics
S: in his speech
S: there is a lot of talk ... but then again they are politicians
me: exactly
me: well.. he's the lesser of two evils
me: i dont' want another bush-like person as a president
me: if that happens... CANADA
S: yep
S: I don't think McCain is a good choice
S: I actually think Huckabee might be better on War issues
S: but not ProLife stuff
me: mike peek-a-booo
S: yep
S: peekaboo
S: that's what I would call him
me: i like huckabee
S: if we ever debated
me: what,... you and peekaboo?
S: yea
S: debate about issues
S: i would be like... according to mike peekaboo
S: lol
S: and I'll get voted ..cuz it'll be cool
S: which one?
me: i umm... took a how creative are you test on facebook... and apparently, i'm a bucket of paint
S: you are a bucket of paint
me: thts' it
me: show's my creativity
S: well that
S: is creative
S: in a way .. cuz you've got paint
S: it's just in a bucket
me: it needs to be used
me: and since i'm not creative... it'll just stay there
S: lol
S: but it says you are .. lol
me: i dont' get it
S: is there a scale for that test
me: no idea
S: i see
me: maybe... my creativity is waiting to get out..
me: tht's what the bucket represents
me: couldn't see the details cuz facebook failed on me
S: yea
me: the send error report message popped up as soon as i saw the result..
me: and then IE closed..
S: it's a faulty app then
me: i love facebook quizzes