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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rehman Rocks

So the following conversation took place a while ago between a friend and moi... enjoyee..

S: guess what

Me: quoi?

S: i was listening to some old rehman songs in my friends car
movies like hindustani

Me: did you listen to patti rap?

S: oh my god

Me: patti rap
patti rap

S: i so much feel like commitiing suicide on listening to the lyrics
i like all teh songs in tamil since i wont understand it
in hindi translation... hey bhagwan..

Me: tum ho gnaani
tum ho gnaani
mirzapur keyyyyy... tum ho gnaani

S: telephone dhoon main hasney walee

Me: melbourne mein machalne waali
zakir hussain tabla tu hai kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

S: who the f--k laughs like a cellphone ringtone?
angers me
some seriously uneducated scrwed up SOB (pardon my french) wrote this shiz and so much wanted to get inside the radio and squeeze that person's neck

Me: oh come on! they're good songs.. classics bhai
showroom mein
saajan tumhe kuch bhi chune na dungi

S: ur kidding right
tell me ur kidding

Me: omg! all the lyrics are coming back to me
patti rap!

S: and the typical sp bala wannabees singing these pathetic lyrics

Me: heyyy! SPB rocks..
50 KG tajmal meraa he
choona bhatti jhopad patti ragdam patti patti rap

S: you are a maestro
logging off now..

Me: k.. last words before you logging off..
latka laga diya humne
jhatka laga diya tumne... TADA...

Following the aim convo I went onto to musicindiaonline and listened to all such infamous Rehman songs. Hai re hai re hai rabba...


durkhaima said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
durkhaima said...

those translations need to be banned cuz they are wack... and if there was something equivalent of a sex change operation for the voice.. then SPB is an overqualified candidate