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Monday, July 16, 2007

Training and Eggplants

Bossjee wanted to put me through some training to build skills and blah. So I was really excited to go to training yesterday morning. Training is good due to the fact that everything is "company paid" and you get a free lunch... Turned out that the class was just a repetition of shit that I already know.

But... I did not lose spirit! Until lunch came along that is... The instructor allowed a mere 40 minute lunch. Bitch! She went off saying, "you guys don't need a whole hour of lunch do you? do you??" ugh!

I was super hungry and to add to that the only thing that was available for vegetarians was this nasty eggplant curry. See picture below. There are only specific ways to cook an eggplant and the thing that was served for lunch, was NOT the way to cook it.

At least they had some pretty awesome cookies. They were super warm and soft. So that kept me content.


durkhaima said...

ok I will say it.. "that is NOT how you cook a baigan".. saying 'baigan' also reminds me of a saying "kaali kalooti, baigan looti, bade bazaar mein dham dham kooti"