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Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Ok... so we've been tagged by Pri, for which we feel truly honored... We really do! So here are random factos about Seepa and Dhubhra...

1. Why the names Seepa and Dhubhra you ask... Our original names are in 'fact' Deepa and Shubhra... and we just decided to switch the first letters in our names. What fun!

2. Dhubhra and I also like to combine words and we often utter malapropisms. The other day, instead of saying Downtown Mountain View, Dhubhra said "Mounttown Downtainview"... bwaahahaaahahhahaahhah! man! That always cracks me up. Examples of combining words can be (Hotmail + Yahoo = Hohoo) for instance.

3. The way Dhubhra and I met for the first time is an epic story and deserves an entire post for itself. But to shorten the version, apples (the fruit) brought us together and that sacred fruit has kept us binded as friends.

4. Dhubhra and I were roommates on campus. One random day, she wanted to start her own business. (That's great I thought. Earn money for the BOTH of us.) Then I learnt that she wanted to iron other people's clothes. What were the prices you charged Dhubhra? $1 for pants, $0.50 for shirts, and no ironing of personals. Obviously the business did not last too long since I refused to take part in it. Actually, I not only refused to take part in it, I made sure the business was not successful. (conniving laughter)

5. Dhubhra and I were classmates in high school, classmates in college, roommates in college, coworkers after college. Guess one of us always manages to 'tag' along with the other.

6. Last year, Shubhra and I fell off the sky together. Don't be alarmed. We went sky diving and it was one of the most awesomest experiences ever!

7. Shubhra and I always end up wearing the same colored clothing without any prior coordination. And I mean, we don't just match the usual colors such as Black or Grey and stuff. We wear random colors such as dark purple, sky blue and so forth.

So there you go people. Our seven random facts. We will be tagging The Brown Savage and Purple Haze now. Hey... Purple and Brown... are you two EVER going to blog again? sheez!


Pri said...

awwwwwwwww our very own Seeta and Geeta!
But yeah I can totally relate. Back in college i had tons of people tell me and my friends that we all sounded exactly the same. And on some occasions we even colour coordinated ON PURPOSE [which is much worse]

Manish said...

@#4. I can't help but laugh. Funny you Dhubhra

@#5. Any future plans reveled here? LOL


durkhaima said...

#4.. Laugh all you want, I made flyers and put them up all around the dorms and my dear roommate Seepa made sure each of them were removed before anyone looked at them.