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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Ski Trip Log

What happened?Why, When or where did it happen?
Dinner at La Victoria'sCuz we were craving it
DWEM (Dead-White-European-Male)game we played on the way to Reno, altercations that followed were DWEF (Dead-White-European-Female), DWAM/F (Dead-White-African/Asian-Male/Female)
Bubbles and FoamGame that Deepa invented
Ultimate Dance Party '97We broke it down in the car y0
MachiavelliJJ's answer to any question asked for any game we played, he was not interested in our games, on our arrival to hotel, JJ finds "The Prince" book written by Machiavelli, strangely the name he had been chanting all along during the trip, coincidence ??? I know not.
PokerDeepa was into it
A1 losing $20He wanted to try out roulette
Texas hold 'em, we won $2We weren't playing for money
Went to bed at 4amPoker cont'd
Shubhra laughing hystericallyTexas and JJ were sharing the bed
Fresh PrinceNothing else was on TV, it's always good to see Carlton dance.
Drove to Northstarto Ski
Guy at the rental gave Deepa weird lookshis exact words were "did you bring anything at all??? (frustrated look)"Deepa had to rent everything including ski pants
Guy with boils around his earsHe was waiting in the rental line
Shubhra questioned R on everything NorwayNever met anyone from Norway
Chatty lawyersThey were discussing a case sitting opposite us on the lift on the way to Gondola
Ski LessonsWe needed them
B was sent offHe was too good for the lessons
Big fat burritois what we had for lunch, took us forever to find a place to sit
Random guyAs we got off the lift, some random dude asked Deepa if she could take his pics from our camera
Deepa's ski stolen and returned appropriatelysomeone took em and returned them to the rental
Couldn't walk down the stairsSki boots were really really tight
Whose shoes are these?!!screamed the lady at the rental as she held up Shubhra's shoes, cuz they didn't have a tag, everyone at the rental knew what Shubhra's shoes looked like
Watched MIBback in the hotel room
Deepa's eyes are red, glasses didn't helpDeepa wakes Shubhra up and forces her to look at her red eye while Shubhra struggles to catch some sleep
Deepa does yogaDeepa ensists she must be in good shape before she leaves for the casino
Deepa and Shubhra complain about the bathroomIt was dirty
Sushitook forever to get it, we were super hungry
Kids' area in the casinowho wants to lose money at Blackjack when we can easily win the stuffed toys at the kids' area
Whack-A-MoleShubhra is undefeated against other kids and their parents as she wins two teddy bears back-to-back only to exchange them with one big orange lion that shall be given to Texas
Other wacking gamesShubhra plays other games where she can whack stuff as she realizes she can win those easily
Anxiety AttackDeepa suffers an anxiety attack as she finds herself surrounded with kids that have bucket full of tickets, waiting in the line to claim gifts, Deepa removes herself from the line, as she cannot handle the madness, Shubhra takes over
Dave notices Shubhra got an outdated giftA figurine with a graduation hat and a message saying "Congratulations, class of 2000", he sighs at Shubhra's incompetence
JJ's presentDeepa and Shubhra give JJ a teddy bear they won (both JJ and teddy bear had a yellow tee-shirt on.. awwww.), it's cute therefore JJ does not want it, after repeated attempts he accepts the gift, the next morning the teddy bear is found in bed next to JJ
El Doradothe casino Deepa and Shubhra walk into unnoticingly, not knowning all casinos are connected, they spot JJ and Texas, who ignore them since they are busy looking for a blackjack table
MAD TVback in the hotel room, everyone enjoys a funny episode of MadTv, portraying something to the effect of the the dark side of i products, screeching Heidi Klum, the ferocious Yao Ming and a very distorted sketch of Condi Rice
Russell's on TVShubhra declares Russell's on TV, which surprisingly appeals to everyone so much that they get up and walk over to our room wondering if Russell is infact on TV only to find that it's Russell CROWE on TV.
Guys have leftThe guys leave in the morning while Deepa and Shubhra are still getting there stuff together, only to discover A1 has left his ski suit in the room
Boomtownit takes us 1.5 hours to get our food there
HangmanD involves us in a game of Hangman, which is altered to various degrees (hangman with skii's on)
Shubhra loses Tic-Tac-Toeit actually happened, don't know how
Deepa drinks Truckee river waterwe stopped at the river to enjoy the scenery
MacarenaDeepa dances to macarena in the passenger's seat, while we are stuck in traffic, this disturbs the people in other cars around us
Stinkin' truckeverytime we stop in the dreadful traffic this one truck with the most unbearable stench passes by us....ugh, we speculate if it carries dead people
Guy walking on the freewayapparently that one guy held up traffic for 2 hours
SealandA1, Deepa and Shubhra have discussions of philosophical nature during our trip back, the most fascinating is the one about Sealand.
Ferero RochersWe finished 2 boxes of that candy during our trip
Lamborghinithere is one driving right next to us on our way back to Fremont, Deepa and I can't stop looking at it, and suddenly right when we least expect, it zooms past us with the craziest speed.

*Sigh* it was a fun trip


I am the Walrus said...

dhubhra! YOU danced to the Macarena too! We were in synch!

Anonymous said...

I'm in that picture!! I feel honored to be randomly posted around the internets :D yessssss


durkhaima said...

the internetS is not a DUMP TRUCK it's a series of tubes... tubes

Shalini said...

OH my gosh....for a sec there i thought u guys were talkin bout me!!! hahhaha.....(for some reason i read it backwards....right brain all messed up) so yea my name caught my eye and i was like huh? :D