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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

White History, Culture and Heritage 101


Today No-Name (Radio Alice, 97.3) one of the talkers on the station decided to ask non-white people to call in and tell him about racial slurs that are directed towards white people. Obviously any white people who called were discarded right way cuz they don't count. So once the mayo-eating-flannel-shirts-wearing-white-trash talk started, what made me ponder enough to write this post was a caller who spoke about how it bothered her that her kid's school had a class for Blacks, Mexicans, Asians and every other race or ethnicity, but none for the white people, this caller was not white. This is the kind of double-think that drives me kinda ... crazy. Imagine if there was a White History-Culture-Heritage 101, I cannot imagine people not going bonkers over this. I can only imagine the amount of protest there would be on having a class like that, cuz every other race or ethnicity would be offended right away. Would it be legit to have a class like that... come to think of it, how can we begin to think, at least while living in this country, that one race/ethnicity's experience is so untouched by another that we need to create separate classes to teach them. Why don't we talk about them in unison? I know the specifics matter, I know that the hate demonstrated towards blacks did not surface the same way as it did for the asians, but we know that the idea that there was hate and discrimination is common between the two. Wouldn't it be more useful to talk about the context and then go into specifics about how each ethnicity was affected by it. Back to White History-Culture-Heritage 101, now that I think about it, why does it have to bother anyone if this class actually came to be. The fact that we actually do label people and freely use the skin color to refer to them, why should a class suddenly become a problem.. if Black History, Mexican History and Asian History exists.. then why not White history ?


I am the Walrus said...

god! all those faces look like bad License/ID pics... or prison pics...