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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I have started to passively look for a new job due to lack of challenge in my current job. My co-worker then mentioned about an excellent opportunity at another company. This job has everything that I am looking for… a higher pay, salary growth, higher pay, more money$$, increased income, bahut paisa. You get the picture. So I had an interview with the VP of HR in the company yesterday. The first 5 minutes of the interview went pretty smoothly inspite of my stammering and sweating due to nervousness. And then the VP asks:

VP: So what are your strengths?
Me (thinking for 5 seconds): I am loud.. (WTF?~!?!?!??!? Did I just fucking say that?!?!?!)
VP: You're Loud?
Me (take that comment back… take that comment BACK): Yea… I can be……..pretty loud. (WTF is WRONG with you?!)
VP: Throw me some other adjectives that your friends use to describe you…
Me: Oh, other than loud? (GET OFF THE LOUD!!!)

Overall, I ONCE AGAIN realized that among other things, I am also incompetent at interviewing. Didn’t get a call back from the company… heh...


Pri said...

heeeeeeeeeeee loud?
i wish i could think of something encouraging to say but i just cant come up with anything. ironical eh?

hadu said...

wow !!

L-O-U-D ???

how about being loud at the current job about making it more challengin for ya, huh?

durkhaima said...

interviews can be crazy.. you never know what to expect..

Pancho said...

haha...better luck next time, i suppose. try not to be LOUD at ur more money, higher paying mucho dinero job interview!

the saint said...