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Monday, January 15, 2007

Chewing... The Underrated Task

Amidst the meetings, e-mails, naps, and other such tasks that take place at work, Shubhra and I always manage to have lunch at least twice a week. Among one of the conversations that take place at lunch, we decided to discuss our New Years resolutions.

Mine was the usual pseudo-resolution, "I would like to exercise more and stay healthy..."
My co-blogger, Shubhra, then mentioned, "This year, I would like to chew more..."

There was a silence on my end... partly because I was thinking "What the F__ is she talking about?" And then she went on and on about how she enjoys her food more since she has been chewing it a lot more lately.

After she took a whole bite of her burrito, chewed at least a dozen times, and gulped it down, a look of true satisfaction came across her face.

Shubhra (chewing the cud):

Well, I think the task of chewing is highly underrated, I was more than amazed to find the importance of this simple but important activity and I think it's totally worth anyone's time to check out this stuff The Importance of Chewing